Get Connection Strings and Keys via az cli

When using Azure Functions, the local.settings.json file is usually not checked into the repository by having the default .gitignore file added. This comes quite unhandy when you need to work with several repositories and thus, I’ve collected some commands that do almost all the work required.

Getting started

First, make sure to have the Azure CLI installed.
Now you can login by executing following command in your shell:

az login

Application Insights Instrumentation Key

To obtain the instrumentation key and the AppInsights connection string via cli, you need to install the extension first by executing following command (once):

az extension add --name application-insights

Afterwards, you can obtain the instrumentation key with this command:

az monitor app-insights component show --app <app-name> -g <rg-name>

Reference: az monitor app-insights | Microsoft Docs

CosmosDB Connection String

For retrieving the CosmosDB connection string, the procedure is similar:

az cosmosdb keys list --name <name> -g <rg-name>
az cosmosdb list-connection-strings --name <name> -g <rg-name>

az cosmosdb | Microsoft Docs (Keys)
az cosmosdb | Microsoft Docs (Connection strings)

ServiceBus Connection String

To obtain the ServiceBus string execute following command:

az servicebus namespace authorization-rule keys list -n "RootManageSharedAccessKey" --namespace-name <sb-namespace> -g <rg-name>

Reference: az servicebus namespace authorization-rule keys | Microsoft Docs

Storage Account Connection String

Last but not least, the storage account access key can be obtained this way:

az storage account keys list -n <name> -g <rg-name>

Reference: az storage account keys | Microsoft Docs

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